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Dancing was also the draw at the Devonshire Arms where DJ Elizabeth and her colleagues played for Club Africa, and this led to my being asked to take a DJ slot there. Now I really began to realise and practise my love of playing music for people to dance to.

I invested in a more powerful sound system and started to play out more widely, at house parties, events and at the infamous Arts Cafes in Cambridge, where I collected the name DJ Skunk.

I’ve now played in a whole variety of places in and around Cambridge; at the Junction for Global Grooves and at the Peterborough Sambabash, also at Brazilian and Capoeira nights at the Boatrace, at salsa nights at the Man in the Moon and at Café Afrika, supporting Afrobeat, Afrocubism and Salon Darbuka, to name a few.

As one of the N.I.C.E.R. DJ collective I’m a regular at CALABASH on Tuesdays at the Devonshire Arms. I’m also one of the DJs at the monthly event BareFoot Dance, upstairs at the Junction. I hosted and played my mix of World and Roots on stage at the Cambridge City Council’s Summer Sunday in July, this year. I can now be heard at La Raza restaurant in Cambridge regularly playing an eclectic Latin mix every Thurday from 10 to 1 a.m. Also find me supporting Afrocubism on their regular monthly night at Cafe Afrika and every Friday night at Cafe Afrika as their resident world music DJ.

I see World Music as the most exciting musical genre today with many other types of music borrowing from it and wanting to fuse with it.
Music is an ancient, spiritual and universal language and World Music has a hopeful future as a way of countering racism and the polarisation of peoples across the world by both terrorists and warmongers. Support it!
For playing at parties, gigs, and other events etc. I can be contacted on 07815 126227, or by email at