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About DJ Skunk

“Positive and high energy dancing music from all around the world is what draws people to DJ Skunk’s gigs.”

“When it comes to World Music I don’t know anyone who has a larger or better collection of dance tracks than DJ Skunk”

My strap line is “ come ready to dance…..” and people of all ages certainly do just that. From 7 to 70 they can’t resist the grooves I play, be it hip hop from Cuba, African techno, Gypsy rumba, Asian breaks or old skool Jamaican reggae.

I grew up listening to pirate radio and on a musical diet of Motown, soul and rock and my early heroes include Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. In order to hear new music, I even used to bunk off school to get to see those famous 60s’ films Easy Rider and Woodstock. This led on to my going to many varied concerts in London in the 70’s to widen my musical taste. Osibisa’s memorable gig at a packed, and swelteringly hot, Imperial College, where Stevie Wonder guested on drums, remains one of my highlights. At that time, I always eagerly awaited the arrival of the new Santana album.

Through my Jamaican girlfriend and contact with the Anglo-Carribean community in Bath I became immersed in the sounds of ska and reggae by hearing Desmond Dekker, Prince Buster, The Ethiopians and early Bob Marley and the Wailers. I love to dance and also believe that dancing feeds the soul; so these artists’ music fuelled my passion.

In the early 80’s I connected with an African music-loving neighbour and was introduced to the sounds of King Sunny Ade, Gaspar Lawal and Fela Kuti. I now had a whole new continent of music to explore and this was helped along by listening to Andy Kershaw’s radio programme. I was always looking for new music to explore and dance to and the dawning of the World Music genre gave me access to an even wider musical spectrum.

By now friends were asking me to play a session at their parties and then sometimes to bring my own sound system as well.

I often looked for World Music at The Boatrace, Cambridge where the sounds of Ivo Papasov and also the Bhundu Boys could sometimes be heard. DJ DeKaDans gigs at “Flambards” in Cambridge was also a good source for new tunes to dance to. (More) >